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Emergency Digital Response

Providing Emergency Tech Support and Digital Safety Awareness to Syrians


The SalamaTech emergency help desk provides digital security support to Syrian nonviolent actors. We answer questions related to digital security and help them maintain and secure their online assets.

Why it matters?

The internet is a frontline in the Syrian conflict. Syrians are being captured and killed because of their online activities. Syrians are tortured for their Facebook passwords – as access exposes everyone who is connected to the victim’s online networks. There is evidence to suggest the threat is coming from many armed groups, state and non-state actors alike.

The information war that has accompanied the actual war in Syria has utilized existing tools to silence others. This manifests in the form of mass reporting campaigns to close down YouTube channels and Facebook accounts where Syrians share news.

Rural Syrian women are particularly vulnerable online. As a result of the conflict, many women now find themselves the heads of households, and as such are connecting online for the first time. Unfortunately, lacking sufficient experience in using the internet, these women are unaware of the risks associated with digital technologies.


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Syrians Supported Through Our Emergency Help Desk


User Engagements

SalamaTech helps non-violent actors to safely maintain their online presence by:

Securing Online Accounts

When a person is arrested, detained or kidnapped, SalamaTech helps close down online accounts to prevent captors from accessing wider social networks.

Reinstating Social Media Accounts

When mass reporting campaigns lead social networks to mistakenly shut down Syrian accounts, we work with service providers to reinstate affected channels. Our support covers networks including Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Skype.

Coping with Malware

Non-violent actors are targeted with malware by hostile actors, sometimes losing access to their online accounts. SalamaTech helps them retrieve these accounts and deal with malware issues.

Digital Safety Awareness

SalamaTech provides easy-to understand information to raise awareness and foster skills on digital safety. Our team is available for Syrians to ask questions directly, but also publishes helpful material on our Digital Safety Wiki, our Arabic website SalamaTech.org, through print distribution partners inside Syria, and on local radio.

What Syrians Are Saying About Our Work

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