Helping Syrians Be Heard

Providing Training and Support in Strategic Communications


Local Syrian voices for peace struggle to be heard through the noise of war.

Why it matters?

The Syrian conflict is the first protracted war to be fought on and through the internet. All actors use the internet to organize, plan, and share information; some use it to document human rights abuses and bear witness; others use it to propagandize, collect intelligence, sow fear, and win followers.

Currently, the Syrian social media space is dominated by the voices of militant actors. Social media is used as a weapon of war. By contrast, the voices of Syrian non-violent actors have been drowned out by the noise of violence and extremism. To the outside world, the concept of Syrian civil society has been largely reduced to that of powerless “refugees.”

But Syrian non-violent citizens – who believe in peace, in human rights, in justice – are still there, working hard on the ground and in their places of refuge for a better future. It is these courageous men and women – both inside and outside Syria – that Be Heard aims to empower. Be Heard provides easy-to-use guidance and resources on how to communicate effectively online, while staying safe.

Fostering these authentic, local voices is key to peacebuilding. In supporting Syrians – in particular women and youth – SalamaTech takes an alternative approach to preventing violent extremism by empowering non-violent civil society to participate and lead in building a better tomorrow.

The SalamaTech project is using the Be Heard platform to support our network of trainers inside Syria — our digital technology first responders — who provide in situ assistance to moderate Syrian groups who are trapped inside Syrian enclaves.


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The Be Heard platform includes:

A Mobile Friendly e-learning portal

Easy-to-follow How To Guides on Digital Safety and Outreach

Training Modules

Awareness Videos

In Situ Training

Social Media Audits providing direct feedback on how to improve promotional pages and accounts

Strategic Communications Consulting on campaigns to help improve content and encourage reach

What Syrians Are Saying About Our Work:

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