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Women, Peace and Stabilization

Capacity building for Syrian women and youth to support peace and stabilization


SalamaTech empowers women, and youth, to become active drivers of peace and development in Syria, through in situ training and online support.

Why it matters?

When women are involved in peace agreements, there is a 35% increase in the likelihood that peace will last more than 15 years. SalamaTech has long known the important roles that both women and youth play in the development of a healthy society – and as such, we have increased our programming to support both segments of Syrian society, empowering them to work towards peace and stability.

Since the start of SalamaTech’s digital technology first responder-led trainings, women have been active and engaged participants through their roles as media activists, community leaders, humanitarian aid workers, and school staff, among others.

The destruction of war has left many women as the heads of households. As such, they are continuing education to learn much needed skills, including digital literacy, to find work and contribute to improving Syria. In rural areas women were not commonly part of the workforce before 2011. As a result of the conflict, more women in rural areas sought jobs outside the household, within humanitarian organisations or in trades such as hairdressing, sewing, or knitting, for example.

Entering the workforce also brought more Syrian women online, but without the basic computer and digital security skills required to communicate safely. Working with local partners such as professional women’s groups, training centres, and secondary schools, SalamaTech has increased support for women and youth, offering in situ training and online assistance, helping them to create and launch awareness campaigns, develop digital literacy and safety skills, and learn about technology to enter the workforce and contribute to the development of a post-war Syria. Helping women build capacity and  much needed skills is even more important today, as many find themselves as the head of households post-conflict, with families to support on their own.

A Training Session in Syria

A picture from a recent SalamaTech training for women.

What we do:

Create campaigns to engage women and youth in active public service

Foster and support networks of women and youth in civic engagement and development

Provide women and youth with training for skills development

Emergency tech support

Cyber security and remediation audits to organisations supporting women and youth

Helping women and youth be heard

What Syrians Are Saying About Our Work

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