Syrian Mirror news website features SalamaTech’s “Be Heard” learning portal

Syrian Mirror news website features SalamaTech’s “Be Heard” learning portal

The launch of SalamaTech’s Be Heard e-learning portal was featured on Syrian Mirror, a Syrian-Arabic news website.

“SalamaTech – a project that supports safe and effective use of social media platforms – has launched its new portal called “Be Heard”. The web portal provides Syrian civil society activists with simplified tools and comprehensive training materials on how to safely and effectively communicate and publish content on social media. The portal aims to help activists safeguard their online activities and communications.”

“The SalamaTech team stresses that the internet is a lifeline for Syrian media activists and humanitarian relief workers. They require a safe and secure internet connection to collaborate with other non-violent actors, coordinate with concerned foreign entities and effectively craft their online messages to gain the support of international audiences.”

“The Be Heard portal provides a comprehensive overview of how-tos on digital security and effective use of social media, training modules on news formulation, social media, and a special section on human rights violation documentation.”

“The mobile-first site aims to reach activists in Syrian opposition-controlled areas and besieged and difficult-to-access communities, in order to provide those trapped inside Syria with access to digital security and effective social media use guidance and resources.”

This article contains edited excerpts of the original article. For the original Arabic article click here.