The threats of Facebook Quizzes – Featured on LCC Magazine

The threats of Facebook Quizzes – Featured on LCC Magazine

Salamatech’s own Basel Mattar was featured on LCC’s magazine, Rising for Freedom, where he discussed the digital risks of a relatively new kind of online business strategy being employed by digital companies – online quizzes.

Mattar explains that most businesses who provide free online services typically have something to gain from the information you provide them, whether it be about you personally, your work or your contacts. This information is typically sold to marketing and advertising firms. There are numerous ways these online businesses can retrieve your personal information. An easy example is quizzes on Facebook that show you who are your closest friends, your most popular photo or what country you come from. These facts may seem benign, but they are used to infiltrate your privacy and retrieve valuable information about you so that the service can sell this information to third parties.

Mattar takes an example of a popular quiz on Facebook called Who is Your Secret Admirer? This quiz is from a Facebook app called Mio, which also delivers hundreds of similar quizzes. “What’s surprising” Mattar says, “is that millions of users have done such quizzes and have shared them on Facebook without paying attention to the type and amount of personal information the quiz retains – when clicking on the quiz page, it asks to gain access to your public profile, including all your personal information, your friends list, all of your published photos, links, statuses and videos that you have ever published on Facebook.”

Looking at a general disclaimer from the quiz, it says it gathers this information for entertainment purposes only. “The story doesn’t end there,” Mattar continues, “if you look into their privacy policy, they get to choose to do whatever they want with your information, including selling it to third parties. Reading their policy even further indicates that this privacy policy depends on which country the user’s information came from, leading people to think seriously about where this information is stored and who has access to it.”

“It may seem fun to do an online quiz to see who is your secret admirer; however, the price for these types of quizzes, is your privacy,” Mattar says. “The real result is targeted ads to your email, or webpages you visit, which results in these online businesses knowing more about you than those closest to you.”


This article contains edited excerpts of the original article. For the original Arabic article click here.