Three tips for writing viral blog posts – Featured on LCC Magazine

Three tips for writing viral blog posts – Featured on LCC Magazine

Salamatech’s own Basel Matter was featured on LCC’s magazine, Rising for Freedom, where he provides tips on how to best express ideas through blogging and ensure your posts go viral.

Mattar explains, “Blogging is an important tool to express one’s ideas, whether they are about public affairs, scientific issues or intellectual issues. It also enables people to share personal views about what’s happening or what other people are doing.” Blogging in one form or another, is here to stay. Over 18 thousand blogs were created last year on WordPress alone, of which, two million blog entries were published online. Mattar suggests that this increasing number makes it difficult for bloggers to reach their intended readers, and so he provides three tips to help bloggers spread their message:

1- Scope

Bloggers should be very clear about their blog entry’s scope. As a general rule, the more topics the blogger covers, the less followers they will get. Mattar says, “If bloggers have a narrow scope of content, readers interested in that topic will be more inclined to follow him/her.  This also allows the blogger to focus on one specific topic, giving them a chance to become more knowledgeable and confident on that topic. This also provides the blogger with a manageable number of sources to receive information from.”

2- Target audience

The blogger should clearly define their target audience and effectively engage online readers by visiting other blogs and websites that discuss similar topics and comment and interact with potential target audiences. While the blogger does not need to reference his/her own blog on every interaction, instead, they should make their own contribution to the conversation to highlight their expertise in the subject matter. This will spur users to click on the blogger’s name to find out more about them, which leads them to his/her blog.

3- Personal views

According to Mattar, everyone has their own opinion on issues that are important to them. “Having your own unique message and way of thinking on your blog can separate you from the crowd of other bloggers. This gathers like-minded people and a predictive that readers want to follow. Your unique views gives the blog a sense of depth, uniqueness and integrity. Simply repeating what another blog just posted will make your readers less interested in your blog as they can read this content elsewhere.”

This article contains edited excerpts of the original article. For the original Arabic article click here.